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Unlock Your Dreams


What We Do:

  • Semi-Custom Home Builder with exclusive home designs

  • A design Center with our in house designer is coming soon!!

  • Full Site Development

  • Build on your own lot or we can source land for you to build on!

  • Prefer a fully custom home? We can do that too! 

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Unique Design Features


High Quality Yet Affordable

Relationship Driven

About Us

Crossed Key Homes was born out of the desire to build affordable, high quality homes where the purchaser is part of the process every step of the way.  While offering pre-budgeted floor plans and elevations, yet allowing full customozation of the interior fit and finish, offering a true semi-custom build.  This process  provides the key to unlock your dream!

For all of your commercial construction needs please visit our sister company, Titan Construction Group.

Wooden Ceiling
Brad and Brittany Capps
Brad and Brittany Capps are the owners and driving force behind Crossed Key Homes. Brad is a South Carolina Gamecocks alumni and an avid fan. He is usually watching one of their teams or attending a game in SC! Brad is a veteran in the construction industry with  more than 20 years under his belt in commercial general contracting/ project management. After many years in the industry, he started his own commercial construction company, Titan Construction Group. If you live in the Richmond area, you have more than likely ate, shopped or grabbed a coffee at one of  his Titan built buildings. Brittany was previously a critical care nurse for more than 14 years. She decided to switch careers and help Brad with his company in 2020. Brad and Brittany have been married for over 14 years and currently reside in Moseley, VA with their four beautiful children and two French bulldogs!  

They add their new adventure, Crossed Key Homes with an absolute commitment to quality craftsmanship and personalized service.  Brad and Brittany are poised to make their mark in the residential construction industry, one dream home at a time. 
Sarah Holton
Sales Consultant
Sarah is the spouse of a retired active-duty Military Member and has relocated 8 times in a 10-year period, including overseas to Germany. She grew up in a small town in Nebraska. Her parents owned a pizza restaurant business which instilled the important values of hard work and dedication in her at a young age. Upon graduating from the University of Nebraska, Sarah moved to Denver, Colorado, and worked in the marketing field for advertising companies and online businesses. She then decided to move to Germany to work and travel, and later met her husband there who was a US Army Active Duty Officer. After relocating several times with the US Army, with her husband and children, Sarah now lives in Richmond, VA. Her background and experience with Sales and Marketing make the home buying and selling process a success with proven results! She has a passion for helping people and focuses on the relationship long past the transaction.
Sarah French
Designer & Selections
Sarah brings over seven years as a visual merchant and two years as a professional photographer. She is married to her husband Travis and they have three wonderful children and two golden retrievers. Sarah graduated from UCONN and is a huge UCONN basketball fan. She is a self proclaimed "dress girl" rarely seen in jeans and will likely be overdressed on the job site. Growing up, her parents took the family on a Sunday drive every weekend and they were constantly touring model homes. She grew to love homes from an early age. Sarah and her husband have built and designed multiple homes themselves and are passionate about designing beautiful yet functional spaces. They are also avid DIYers and love transforming rooms. Sarah is inspired by many different styles of design but her true soul leans toward traditional houses with a bit of character. She is so excited to help you "unlock your dreams" and guide you from beginning to end in designing the perfect house.

Meet Our Team


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